Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Giving Back...

The best gift one can give a complete stranger, is the gift of compassion.  Being brought up in an environment where helping the less fortunate was habitual, we continued doing so from Netherlands.

Nearly every person has something that they do not need or no longer use, which another person could benefit from.  Donating these type of items to the less fortunate is a wonderful way to give back to the community.


The beautiful souls back in South Africa from the soup kitchen we donate to.

How does one go about helping the less fortunate?  Well, its pretty easy... have a look around your home for items that you no longer use or need.  These items can include clothing, shoes, canned foods, blankets, books, etc.

Before donating any of the above mentioned items, evaluate the condition of the items as helping the less fortunate does not mean that they receive damaged, distasteful or unusable items.

Tips for donating items:
Canned foods:  Ensure that you donate non expired products, that are not opened, damaged or punctured.

Shoes:  Ensure they are not damaged and cleaned before donating.  Remove any scuff or dust which may have collected during storage.  

Clothing,Towels, Bedding Items:  Ensure that these items are not damaged and washed before donating. 

Books and Magazines:  Donate books and magazines which are of value to read and free from damage.

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