Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nurburgring, Germany

"For a quick lap at the Nürburgring, you've probably experienced more in seven minutes...than most people have experienced in all their life in the way of fear, in the way of tension, in the way of animosity towards machinery and to a racetrack." —Jackie Stewart"

The Nürburgring Cornering Map

A tick off our bucket list was the invigorating experience of being able to race in an BMW M3 around the Nürburgring race track.  We have had a passion for high performance cars since our childhood days.  The sound of a mind-bendingly, reason-defyingly fast engine translates into a sweet serenade for us.  Ironically, when we met many years ago... our interests were so much alike that being able to appreciate the Nürburgring experience together has definately proved to be one of our highlighted memories together.

The 'Green Hell'
The Nürburg area itself is a beautiful scenic part of Germany with endless dark greenery of the famous Eifel mountains encompassed by deep valleys of colonial german homes.  Often referred to as the "The Green Hell" (as we learned on this trip), the Nürburgring Nordschleife is a unique track.  We don't think there is anything remotely the same in the world.  The Nordschleife, translated to english literally means "northern loop" and is the yardstick by which all production cars are measured.  Featuring dramatic climbs and drops, tricky hairpin curves and variable surfaces, this track is in our opinion the most dangerous and difficult track in the world. 

At the pit stops along the track

All set and ready to tackle the Nürburgring track.
Cornering at one of the bends of the Nürburgring track

Open to the public on Sundays (gratitude to the Germans for allowing this), visitors have the opportunity to rent a car to drive around the infamous track.  These cars which range from small hatches to larger sedans are insured and fully modified for the track which gives you the sound peace of mind that its meant to be driven hard lap after lap.

Famously known to all Formula 1 fans, being fans of drivers such as  Ralf Schumacher and Michael Schumacher or the gaming addicts of Grand Tourismo 4... the Nürburgring is a popular attraction for many driving enthusiasts worldwide. For us, it was the history of the track and the challenge it provided especially since it differs from regular roads with the absence of intersection and oncoming traffic as well as the absence of a blanket speed limit.

Colonial towns in the Nürburg area
For over 80 years, the Nürburgring has proven to be the one lap test of man and machine, evolving into a Mecca for automotive enthusiasts such as ourselves, worldwide.  This 20.8km (13 mile) circuit is one of a kind and highly recommended by us!

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