Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recipe: Namibian Coffee Creamer Tart

Travelling has its perks of learning about cultures and various cuisines.  Special characteristic styles of cooking practices and traditions which have become part of our culinary tastecapades.  We've tried to re-invent the dishes we have enjoyed on our travels and have the pleasure of sharing it with you all below...

Namibian coffee creamer tart (also called Cremora Tart)
200g Tennis biscuits or Graham crackers (usually one packet of biscuits)
1 can of Condensed milk
100g butter (can substitute butter with margarine)
About ½ cup of Lemon juice (we prefer fresh lemon juice for a truly zesty flavor)
2 cups of Coffee creamer (Cremora)
1 cup of Full cream milk (can substitute with 1 cup of water if you prefer)

1.  To begin, crush the tennis biscuits or graham crackers and combine with the butter to form a 
     crumbly mixture. 
2.  Grease a pie dish and line it with the biscuit mixture.  Ensure it is evenly lined and place the crust in 
     the fridge to set for about 30 minutes.
3.  In a clean separate bowl, combine the condensed milk and lemon juice and leave to stand for a 
     while whilst you begin whisking the coffee creamer with milk (or water depending on your taste) in 
     a separate bowl until it thickens.
4.  Once you have completed mixing the coffee creamer mixture, combine it with the condensed milk 
     and lemon mixture.
5.  Mix thoroughly and pour into the pie crust which was resting in the fridge.
6.  Place in fridge for an hour to set.
7.  Cut into slices and serve.

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